Estelle Garcin

Estelle has over 8 years experience as a quintessential personal trainer who is extremely passionate with clients and the results they achieve. She is a graduate of the State Certificate of Trades Form (France) in 2004 and completed her training with Pilates Matwork 1 and 2 "Pilates & Golf" (Pilates Institute Geneva). Her specialization also includes sports project, fitness and/or pilates, weight loss, muscle building and body therapy.


Catherine Goodman-Zosso

She is passionate about nutrition, phytotherapy, aromatherapy. Being partly Indian in origin, her massages are based on the holistic medicine of ancient India, the Ayurveda. So, she is also graduate as a therapist in Ayurveda, and gives advices according to the ayurvedic rules. The crossroad between the East and the West bring a fundamental contribution to the actual notion of holistic health. Her mission is to act, not only on the physical plan but also on the energetic plan, to obtain a better health.


Anne Perrot

Anne Perrot is a graduate of the EYE School, 4 years of training to become a Yoga Teacher of Energy.
She is a Member of FIDHY (the Internationale Federation of Hatha Yoga in Paris) and AHYMSIN (Association of Himalayan Yoga Meditation International).
The Yoga Energy (Roger Clerc) as proposed by Anne Perrot is a comprehensive yoga that affects all levels of the personality of those who practice it in consciousness.
Anne will make you discover: the positions (and preparations), the breathing, the cleansing actions (for joints and internal organs), relaxation, etc.